That Seems Inappropriate: Teacher In China Rewards Student's Good Grades By Donning 'Sexy' Maid Outfit

November 5, 2012


Obviously, the term sexy is subjective and means different things to different people. I'm not sure who first called this outfit sexy, but I assume they're the kind of person that would pop a boner watching Eskimos go ice fishing. This is a teacher in China who promised to dress up in a sexy maid costume if her poorly-performing class got good grades on their next test. I can only think of ONE teacher I had growing up that I would have liked to see in a maid outfit, and that was Mr. Fowler the gym teacher. He made fun of me for not being able to do a pull-up and deserves to be humiliated.

And it clearly worked because, true to her word, she arrived in class after the exam in a fancy dress costume complete with a pair of cute cat ears.

While critics argued that teachers should not be engaging in such frivolous activity, others praised her for achieving results.

The tactic is similar, albeit less risque, to the storyline in a Chinese film called Oppai Barē (Boobie Volleyball) which came out in 2009.

In it, a young female teacher who is struggling to inspire a hopeless boys' volleyball team eventually agrees to flash her breasts if they win a game.

Boobie Volleyball? Now that sounds like a good movie. I'm not saying I'd run out and buy the Blu-ray, but I would stream it on Netflix 24/7. Or, more than likely, just leave it paused on the boobie scene. You know, there are so many movies that were only good because they had like, five seconds of nudity. And even some of those were just OKAY because there was also some naked dude's butt in the shot too. WTF was the director thinking? They're weren't is my guess. I would have been all, "Cut, cut, cut! You -- the dude with the butt. Go put some pants on and hang out in your trailer."

Thanks to xer, who agrees the best way to reward kids for getting good grades is not whipping them before recess.

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