'Terminator Center' To Open At Cambridge University, Evaluate The Threat Of Dying In Robot Apocalypse

November 26, 2012


The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk is scheduled to open at Cambridge University and evaluate the risk of us all dying at the hands of killer robots with lasers for eyes and razor blades for hands. Plus other threats like climate change. Pfft -- if it can't shoot or stab you, it's hardly a threat, amirite? "You are wrong." I should really think about what I'm saying before I say it. Psyche! I'd lay in a banana hammock.

A centre for 'terminator studies', where leading academics will study the threat that robots pose to humanity, is set to open at Cambridge University.

Its purpose will be to study the four greatest threats to the human species - artificial intelligence, climate change, nuclear war and rogue biotechnology.

An admiral goal, sure -- but are artificial intelligence, climate change, nuclear war and rogue biotech REALLY the four greatest threats to the human species? I mean, what about alien invasion? Or running out of food? Just saying, my fridge is EMPTY. "Go to the grocery store." The what? I was just about to kill another squirrel.

Thanks to fat piggie, Bradley, photodiarist and Sunny The Saint, who agree the Illuminati should probably be added to the threat list as well.

  • psypher246

    there has been studies done on alien invasions, the result is, we screwed, don't let ET call home. Go watch the new Discovery show "Curiosity" they have an episode on the whole thing

  • Photo: WEEE Man at the Eden Project. Well worth seeing if you can.

  • I've seen it. It's amazing and kind of creepy - with his washing machine eyes.

  • Kevin

    The only real threat to humanity is humanity. I know, it's pretty deep.

  • While it is true many of the things man does can bring about our DoooooM, mankind isn't the only threat to its own survival. You have cosmic body impacts, caldera volcanos, naturally occurring biological plague and more. There are extinction events on our planet at regular intervals.. mankind has been lucky to evolve between them, but that means we may face one some day.

  • Guest

    I can go for some soylent green burgers in the future. :d

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