Terminator Arm, The Most Advanced Prosthetic To Date

November 6, 2012


Wait -- I didn't tell it to do that.

I don't ever want to lose an arm. But if I do, I want it to be the right one (I'm left handed), and I want it to be to a crocodile. But not before I gouge one of his eyes out to wear on a necklace. The is the Bebionic3, an advanced prosthetic so refined it can actually be used to write. Impressive, but is it as advanced as *pulling hand out of pocket* THIS?! "That's a hook." YAAAAAR!

The Bebionic3 is a myoelectric prosthetic hand that uses residual neuro-muscular signals from your muscles to operate a number of precise functions.

Featuring a range of 14 hand positions and grips, the Bebionic3 is also offered with a skin-tone glove that approximates the appearance of a real hand.

The arm really is impressive, to the point where I thought it was all computer graphics at first. But it's not, it's a real robotic hand. Please don't make a joke about playing with yourself, please don't make a joke about playing with yourself. I wonder what it would feel like to -- DON'T DO IT, GW, STAY STRONG. *sweating* I wonder... I wonder what... I WONDER WHAT IT WOULD FEEL LIKE TO PLAY WITH YOURSELF!!!1 Dammit, so close. "You didn't even try." I didn't stand a chance.

Hit the jump for two video demos, the first a general one, the second writing.

Thanks to Harkeye and my buddy Terry, who tried to tell me they saw a Terminator giving another Terminator a handy behind the robot repair shop. I mean, sure, but why were you watching?

  • Sera Non

    It is a pretty cool limb, I think the "most advanced" designation is wrong, however.

    If I'm not mistaken, the MPL (modular prosthetic limb) or "Luke Arm" as it was nicknamed by DEKA has more articulation and can be entirely thought-controlled.

    Just putting that out there.


    Definitely not as "chic" looking, but I think it's more powerful technologically speaking.

  • Guest

    This is amazing. He made a great choice going with carbon fiber.

  • really only one "groovy" in a bionic arm post http://www.youtube.com/watc...

  • AtlasAxe


  • spectremuffin

    Ive had one of these for going on a year now. it truely is a marvel of modern science but as such has its drawbacks. the neuro sensors are uber sensitive and fire off when your under flouresent lights making it go apeshit constantly. its also unresponsive and erratic when intoxicated due to the alcohol contents in sweat messing with the mio sensor. it tenxs to drop my beer quite often which i admit is a major disappointment. when it doez work correctly its quite astonishing. fluix motions come naturally and before you know it the thing feels real with the exception of being numb. ive never had a prostetic prior to this because i found them worthless and able to operate better without it

  • spectremuffin

    And no i didnt jackoff with it. weirdos. it costs 120k and goes apeshit without warning. would you let something like that near your junk? Hell no.

  • Official cyborg

  • ZomBBombeR

    A little faster reaction time, and a quieter operation and this would be almost identical to Luke Skywalkers prosthetic...how long til we build a death star???

  • Jadis


  • "Go Gadget Go!"

    Sorry, I couldn't resist folks...

  • CptnKookles

    2:22 - 2:45. Does he have a massive hardon?

  • Crucial

    "This one scares the children and my wife." Lol.

  • colin twigg

    I wonder if his wife has asked if it has a 'Turbo' mode?...

  • "and if I push this big red button..."
    *Rocket punches the camera*

  • Azariel_z

    Rokettooo Puuuuunnch!!!!!

  • Steven Sanchez

    He never asked for this...

  • Sera Non




  • Cortney A.

    Screw a skin-tone glove, I'd want everyone to see my bionic awesomeness.

  • Azariel_z

    I would be more amazed fir a phosphorescent translucent blue toned skin...

  • Andy Green

    I'd want a supply of skin-tone gloves so I could cut and peel them off to freak people out.

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