Terminator Arm, The Most Advanced Prosthetic To Date

November 6, 2012


Wait -- I didn't tell it to do that.

I don't ever want to lose an arm. But if I do, I want it to be the right one (I'm left handed), and I want it to be to a crocodile. But not before I gouge one of his eyes out to wear on a necklace. The is the Bebionic3, an advanced prosthetic so refined it can actually be used to write. Impressive, but is it as advanced as *pulling hand out of pocket* THIS?! "That's a hook." YAAAAAR!

The Bebionic3 is a myoelectric prosthetic hand that uses residual neuro-muscular signals from your muscles to operate a number of precise functions.

Featuring a range of 14 hand positions and grips, the Bebionic3 is also offered with a skin-tone glove that approximates the appearance of a real hand.

The arm really is impressive, to the point where I thought it was all computer graphics at first. But it's not, it's a real robotic hand. Please don't make a joke about playing with yourself, please don't make a joke about playing with yourself. I wonder what it would feel like to -- DON'T DO IT, GW, STAY STRONG. *sweating* I wonder... I wonder what... I WONDER WHAT IT WOULD FEEL LIKE TO PLAY WITH YOURSELF!!!1 Dammit, so close. "You didn't even try." I didn't stand a chance.

Hit the jump for two video demos, the first a general one, the second writing.

Thanks to Harkeye and my buddy Terry, who tried to tell me they saw a Terminator giving another Terminator a handy behind the robot repair shop. I mean, sure, but why were you watching?

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