STOP EVERYTHING (Okay Now Start Again): Scientits Find Evidence Of Water Ice On Mercury

November 30, 2012


You notice the 'scientits' in the title? Well I did that to test your proofreading skills and it's staying. According to data recently sent back to planet earth from the space probe MESSENGER, there are craters near Mercury's poles that are permanently shaded due to the planet's near-zero axis tilt, meaning they never receive direct sunlight and could be the home to some water in ice form. Near my pole? Nothing but a spotty patch of pubes. I can't grow a mustache either.

The measurements "show that the spatial distribution of regions of high radar backscatter is well matched by the predicted distribution of thermally stable water ice," he writes.

According to Paige, the dark material is likely a mix of complex organic compounds delivered to Mercury by the impacts of comets and volatile-rich asteroids, the same objects that likely delivered water to the innermost planet.The organic material may have been darkened further by exposure to the harsh radiation at Mercury's surface, even in permanently shadowed areas.

So yeah, possible water on Mercury -- these are truly exciting times that we live in. "Then why were you yawning?" I wasn't YAWNING, I was yelling silently. "And what were you yelling?" I haaaaaaaate this nosy asshoooooooole!

Thanks to Bria, who called me crazy for claiming one day we'll find water on the sun. YOU'RE GONNA EAT YOUR WORDS, BRIA.

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