Oh, You Know, It's Just A FLYING SHARK

November 29, 2012


These are some shots of a shark breaching the water to catch a seal snapped off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa by photographer Dana Allen. I'm not sure how long he (he -- Dana's a he) had to sit around waiting for a shark to fly, but maybe it happens all the time. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm drafting a petition to fill all the oceans with concrete.

Hit the jump to see the whole series.





Thanks to Punky Brewmeister, who agrees there's nothing more terrifying than a flying shark except a flying shark with guns that speaks demon-tongue.

  • AshesToDust

    That's some mighty fine CGI work, Lou. What's the next project, unicorns flying? Some excellent pictures and great timing. I'm curious about the equipment he used to capture these wall decorations.

  • Kevin

    Whoop-dee-doo! Just watch Planet Earth and you get it with high speed HD video cameras and David Attenborough's mesmerizing diction and crisp and delightfully sputtering enunciation.

    "As the beast of the deep launches himself into the crisp air, escarpment mucous capsule precipice... thick carpet of cockroaches." And suddenly, despite it merely being a Blu-ray playing on your TV, you find yourself covered in Sir Attenborough's spit. And you like it.

  • Awesome way to go and an awesome way to eat. A win-win here folks.

  • tbclycan

    DAMN NATURE! You scary.

    http://www.youtube.com/watc... <=this

  • Ron

    Do you think the seal will be okay?

  • AshesToDust

    Dear Ron,
    No animals were harmed in the making of these photos. The seal was safely returned home to its maker. Thank you for your concern.

  • p_shep

    Look at the size of that thing! Seals aren't that small... 4ft or so? Shark's got a 3ft mouth!

  • Charles Whelan

    I wonder if the seal got away....

  • Supershark! You'll believe a shark can fly.

  • fluffypony

    I live in Cape Town, moved here from Joburg about 6 years ago. I must admit, the sharks are hectic (especially out Muizenberg side where they have dedicated shark spotter stations). The jumping out the water is unusual, and Dana has taken some great shots! Don't forget that Cape Town has a ton of interesting tourist attractions, including Table Mountain, that make it worth more than jumping the shark;)

  • I'm sorry... but did you just say "Jumping the shark"?... when did this become an Evil Knievel stunt?

  • fluffypony
  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    I know that there are sharks all along the coast (including up to Natal and beyond), but doesn't this kind of stuff mostly happen in the vicinity of Rob Eiland or something like that? I seem to remember that the BBC's "Planet Earth" episode with the sharks was also shot there (either there, or Robben Island).

  • fluffypony

    Well, there are crazy amounts of sharks in KZN, especially by Durban. But the main touristy beaches in KZN all have shark nets and the life guards act as shark spotters, so you rarely have a shark warning or see anything close to the shore. On the other hand, in the colder Cape Town waters there are NO shark nets. In Muizenberg the shark spotters are up on the mountainside with binoculars, and there are regular shark alerts where all the surfers have to get out of the water. On the Robben Island side there are a stack of sharks that feed on the local seal population etc., but as Robben Island is quite so far from the mainland we rarely get to see the sharks there:)

  • Guest

    I will sign that petition :P

  • Bigbear

    But..... Where's the laser beams?

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