Of Course: Lord Of The Rings Minas Tirith Wedding Cake

November 14, 2012


This is a Minas Tirith wedding cake lovingly baked by Audrey Konyha Vigh (aka The Cake Geek -- links to Facebook with shots of the whole process) for a couple's special day. On my special day? I want pies instead of cakes. "It's not about what you want." God, it never is. When I was in 3rd grade the girls used to call me babe-magnet and chase me around on the playground because I was such a handsome little devil. Now I'm like a babe repulsion cannon that fires grenades and has a flamethrower attachment. Always an usher, never a groom. "You've never been a groomsman?" NOPE. My friends all hate me/think I'll get wasted and ruin everything.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees my wedding cake will hopefully have a metal file baked inside it so I can escape prison and divorce the man who made me marry him.

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