Not For Ninjas: Hoodies With Electroluminescent Accents

November 21, 2012


These are a bunch of $90 hoodies from electricMVMT. They each have a rope of battery powered electroluminescent wire running around the zipper and hood. That way you and your friends can go run around at night playing TRON or whatever the hell you people do. God you kids are weird. When I was growing up we didn't have glowing hoodies and had to run around at night in total darkness. Do you know how scary it was crossing the street? NOT AT ALL. You know why? Because we'd crawl through the sewers underneath like ninja turtles! I'm serious. Please don't tell my parents.

Hit the jump for some closeups.







Thanks to Trev, who glows at night the old fashioned way: lighting himself on fire. Oh man, me and my buddy Tyson used to do that too! Just our arms though.

  • Guest

    Why is the dude at the left end (second photograph) vibrating like that?

  • Prometheus

    This is sad that people will pay $90 for this when you can make your own for less than 30 bucks!

  • Bekah Boo Raftis

    This would be awesome to wear when walking my dog at night.

  • That person

    hoodie at a rave/edm show. No thanks.
    buy led wiring on ebay for $3 (comes with on off controller also), sew into your own hoody using fishing wire. Boom.

  • Idlethoughts

    Yeah, I mean at that price they could have at least added so cool tron lines on it and even then you could probably still make one yourself for cheaper.

  • Steven Sanchez

    Anyone else see swag fags using this?

  • ZomBBombeR

    Those and E-tards and rave clubs.

  • JJtoob

    The FUTURE is here, man! (and woman, I ain't sexist)

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