Nooooooooo, Really?: Woman Buys Alleged iPad In Gas Station Parking Lot, Turns Out To Not Be An iPad

November 9, 2012


Because a deal that sounds too good to be true probably is (ESPECIALLY in a gas station parking lot), a woman in Texas bought an alleged iPad in an unopened Fed-Ex box for $200. Then the seller quickly fled the scene while Jalonta Freeman (who wears glasses with no lenses in them) and her sister opened their brand new...MIRROR WITH A PRINTED PICTURE OF AN iPAD TAPED TO IT! Womp womp.

"He pulled up beside us, and he was like, 'Hey, I've got some iPads and stuff, and I've got some laptops if you all are interested in buying,'" she said Wednesday.

When Freeman's sister opened the package, it turned out to be a mirror about the size as the tablet.

"If you turn it on the back, it actually looks like an Apple iPad," Freeman said. "And when you turn it to the front, it has the prices and stuff."

It even had an Apple logo stuck on it.

Freeman reported the crime to Arlington police, but she never got a license plate number and she admits that investigators have little to go on.

She said she now feels stupid but has learned an important lesson.

"Don't buy nothing on the streets from nobody," she said.

First of all, I can't believe dude even bothered to dress it up like an iPad. If the buyer isn't even going to see it first, why bother? It's not like it's convincing enough to trick somebody actually holding the thing. Secondly, while Jolonta's advice of not buying anything on the street is certainly good (street food excluded), the iPad wasn't bought off the street -- it was bought in a gas station parking lot. That's not a good place to buy things either. Fast food parking lots -- those are where the real deals are at.

Hit the jump for a local news report of the sadness.

Thanks to brandon, who agrees you should never buy electronics in any parking lot. Uh-oh. So this isn't going to be a MacBook Pro is what you're telling me.

  • Tweety Bird

    are we suppose to feel sorry for someone who thought they were buying stolen products? when buying anything from a stranger on the street, you know someone is getting scammed, but you don't think it's you; so when it is you, I don't have sympathy.

  • Aalok

    The worst part is that she obviously also hasn't realized that her glasses don't have lenses. Someone else must've ripped her off for those! XD

  • SamuelThomas

    If you have half a brain you don't buy anything from ni66ers.

  • MattJL

    Hey, it's better than an iPad - it's got a real time HD camera built right in!

    'Cept I can't find the off button.


    America F***K YEA!!!!!

  • AK

    "Oh my god, I'm so stupid, I got scammed and I have to let the whole world know I'm so stupid"

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    "It looks like an iPad on the back." No, no it doesn't\. It looks like duct tape. And shouldn't the apple be white?

  • no

    No, the apple is dark on the iPad.

  • Lee

    Isnt she just as bad to think that buying anything from a dealer in a vehicle is ok?

  • Bubbubsky

    This may sound callous....but good for the thief. Good for him.
    There's a difference between getting ripped off and being so mind-numbingly stupid that you deserve it. These dimbulbs deserve it.

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    How stupid can you be? I think they deserved that.

  • $18922249

    Stupid people deserve to have their money taken.

  • rikster81

    So Whitney Huston got ripped off huh?

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Even if the dude really did have iPads and laptops to sell, the scenario makes it very likely they would have been stolen. So for her to agree to purchase property that is very likely stolen, she would be knowingly committing a crime. She is not a victim.

  • "Hey, I've got some iPads and stuff." Lmao.

  • brandon

    thanks for running my tip to good not too

  • wouldn't you open it on the spot and see if it actually works ? Or was the guy driving around in his ice cream truck and screaming "$200 iPads" ? where's the logic Jolanta?

  • Guest

    The deals that sound to good to be true, are usually scams. Wouldn't you wanna open it right on the spot and make sure it works before going home and opening it, or was the guy selling them while driving by in his ice cream truck? I don't get the logic here....

  • Double negative? So we're supposed to buy everything on the streets from everyone?

  • Jimmy Jim Jim

    even if it was a real ipad... not a good idea. cops come knocking at your door after the owner uses find my ipad.

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