New Zealand Weatherman Delivers Forecast In Elvish

November 29, 2012


Because The Lord of the Rings officially put New Zealand on the map (it was seriously just ocean before), everyone in the country is popping an insane amount of boners over the release of The Hobbit. And to prove their raging fandom, here's a video of a New Zealand weatherman delivering the forecast in the Elvish language of Sindarin. My God, these folks really do go crazy for some hobbits. I bet they feel like I did at my first Britney Spears concert. "Your what?!" I meant the first time I shot a gun.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Blake and Zimman, who agree he should have given the forecast in Dwarvish while swinging a hammer and totally wrecking shit.

  • Justin

    It is as if the entire country of New Zealand is one giant marketing ploy for the lord of the rings movies.

  • Jadis

    most epic weather forecast ever!

  • The movie must be that epic to have all of these wacky promos.

  • this keeps up and elvish will be an official language of "middle earth" aka New Zealand

  • Rayn_A

    Button up shirts aren't canon!

  • Theodore Minick

    Paid for by the New Zealand Tourism Board.

  • Gemma

    oh my god, I'm ashamed of my country

  • Dude wtf? I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY! I think it's quite cool, don't be so uptight/wannabecool/hipster

  • It would be awesome if you guys would provide sources to the sites where you find content.

  • Ratt Bagg

    The original writer used to... a year on, the new writer is still playing catch up.

  • Adamant

    Dear New Zealand,
    Sincerely, everyone not Peter Jackson or Russell Crow

  • osteenq

    Soooooo...did New Zealand have NOTHING going on before they filmed "Lord of the Rings" there?

  • Zero2Black

    No it didn't, New Zealand is basically just a huge retirement community for the southern hemisphere with a fuck ton of stoned residents.

  • Daniel Sanson

    As a New Zealander i both agree and dissagree. A huge number of films are made here. Plus considering our country is smaller in population than most big US cities, we pump out a lot of international music specifically in hiphop, and electronic dance scenes.
    We have one of the lowest pollution per capita in the world
    We have the first and also the highst bungy jumps.
    We are also packed full of stoners

  • Anodos

    Is it true that New Zealand had no mammals only giant bugs?

  • sandul

    so does that mean 80% of your population have at one time been employed by peter jackson though? the amount of extras required by his films is extraordinary (which is refreshing in cinema today).

  • "A red sun rises. Expect blood spilled"

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