New And Improved Shirt Button Holds Headphone Cords

November 1, 2012


Ahahahahha, I'm posting about shirt buttons -- SOMEBODY COME END ME.

This is the $3 (that's too much) Button 2.0. It's a shirt button that can clamp the cord to your headphones. That's pretty much it. Unfortunately you need to know how to sew to replace your regular buttons with them, which I do not. So I glued them on, but they came off when my mom did the laundry. Now my shirt has zero buttons and everyone in the office keeps making fun of my hairy nipples. RAWR, I'M A BEAR (I'm trying to make the most of it).

Hit the jump for a couple more shots in case the concept is blowing your mind.



Thanks to Cheryl, who makes her own buttons. Me? I make my own bagged lunches.

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