Neil DeGrasse Tyson Helps Superman Find Home World

November 6, 2012


In the upcoming issue of Action Comics Superman #14 ('Star Light, Star Bright'), Neil DeGrasse Tyson helps Superman find where his home world of Krypton is located the galaxy. SPOILER: Not second star to the right and straight on till morning.

Krypton is found 27.1 light-years from Earth, in the southern constellation Corvus (The Crow), says Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium in New York City. The planet orbits the red dwarf star LHS 2520, which is cooler and smaller than our sun.

Tyson performed the celestial sleuthing at the request of DC Comics, which wanted to run a story about Superman's search for his home planet.

"As a native of Metropolis, I was delighted to help Superman, who has done so much for my city over all these years," Tyson said in a statement. "And it's clear that if he weren't a superhero he would have made quite an astrophysicist."

Ahahahahaha, Neil thinks he lives in Metropolis. I knew he was wacky, but that...that's going too far. He keeps that up and he's gonna to be talking to himself and eating cigarette butts off the sidewalk in no time. Which, fun fact, I know a guy who does and actually makes them look pretty good. So Neil, you helped Superman find his home planet, how about telling me where I came from. "You were hellspawned." Damn yeah I was! *lighting wallpaper on fire*

Thanks to Elayna & Travis, who tried to tell me babies come from storks. Please! Isn't it pelicans?

  • jodamiller

    Joe Shuster stated that Metropolis was modeled after Toronto, but since then, it has definitely become identified as being NYC. Therefore the Neil Tyson character is correct
    in saying that he's from Metropolis as Dr. Tyson is a native Manhattanite.

  • Nicholas Boyd-Gibbins

    A blog featuring intellectual content - http://reasoninc.wordpress....

  • Dalle

    Whats up with Supermans adult diapers and popped collar?

  • Metropolis is modeled after Toronto, Canada. Gotham is modeled after New York. Technically he lives in Gotham

  • randomitems

    I always heard Metropolis was New York and Gotham was Chicago.

  • AaaronG

    The planet, but not the star (Rao).

  • luxlucetintenebris

    Isn't Krypton supposed to be destroyed?

  • Kenlin Bros

    The question is whether Superman can fly so fast around a destroyed Krypton that it goes back in time to being not destroyed...

  • true but seeing as its 27.1 light years away and lets make up some crap and say superman is 25 we should still be able to see it, and watch as it slowly burns knowing the people of krypton shall be doomed, "insert evil laugh here"

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