Multitasking HARD: Speeder Pulled Over In Germany, Cops Find Deluxe Homemade Mobile Office Built In Car

November 21, 2012


Police in Germany pulled over a 35-year old man doing 130 kph (80 mph) in a 100 kph (~62 mph) zone, and discovered he'd built an entire mobile office in the passenger seat of his vehicle. This is that mobile office. I know, I used 'deluxe' in the title pretty liberally.

Built on a wooden frame on his passenger seat they found a laptop on a docking station tilted for easy driver access, a printer, router, wireless internet stick, WLAN antenna, and an inverter to power it all.

A navigation system and cellphone mounted to the windshield completed the array.

Since there was no evidence he used the office while moving, he got away with a (EURO)120 ($153) speeding ticket and a possible fine for having unsecured items in his car.

Man, this guy gets off with a $150 ticket with an entire mobile office in his car WE ALL KNOW HE USES WHILE DRIVING and I get a $200 ticket for making an EMERGENCY cell phone call on the highway? "You were playing Game Boy." Haha, you should have seen me hold it up to my head and try to convince the officer it was a Blackberry.

Thanks to Pyrblaze and neolardo, who agree your car is not the place for office work. Your car is a place for screaming at other drivers and waving your fist in the air. Plus sometimes punching the steering wheel.

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