Modular Keyboard Let's You Rearrange All The Keys

November 6, 2012


This is the Puzzle Keyboard by designer Wan Fu Chuna. It's a modular keyboard with individual keys that can be snapped together in any combination. As you can see, whoever made the one in the picture got really creative and basically made A REGULAR-ASS KEYBOARD with some of the function keys rearranged. How daring!

Thanks to Michael, who agrees the only useful purpose of a modular keyboard is making your home row spell dirty words.

  • Deksam

    All vowels at the top everything else in alphabetical order for me. The keyboard layout today was made to slow olden day typests down, as the proper layout made typests too fast that the letter hammers would jam on old time typer writers, why they havent switched back yet as that is no longer an issue is beyond me!

  • lorobird

    The title should read LETS, not LET'S. Lameballs, GW.

  • Dror Ben-Gai

    Second that! I'm amazed that only one brave GR (Geekologie Reader) paid attention. That means either (a) you have very few readers; or (b) you have very few smart readers. Won't hold it against you, though - you're still the GW - just know that you have some responsibility towards the little kids that frequent this joint.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Honestly??? the ammount of spelling and gramatical errors this guys makes and you blame it on low readership and unintelligent readers? Maybe you should read Geekologie a little more often before you start preachin' language skills becuase you should soon come to realize nobody here gives rabbits furry white ass about spelling except the trolls and hecklers.

  • Because QWERTY its just too mainstream

  • Two words - Dvorak and Colemak. Not just for rearranging your keyboard into rude word arrangements. I'd love one cause then whenever someone else needs to use my PC I don't have to pull out another keyboard and plug it up, I can just change the layout on this.

  • Dvorak

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