Man Repaints Movie Character Dolls To Look Lifelike

November 6, 2012


Artist Noel Cruz repaints the faces of dolls made from characters in movies to look more lifelike. He does a great job, I just don't like my dolls looking too real because there's always the off chance they might come alive while I'm asleep and try to climb in my mouth. Unfortunate fact: one time I woke up with a spider on my cheek. "A spider or a friend's balls?" A friend's balls. You can commission your own doll makeover from Noel, but they start at $1,000, which is a little out of my doll repainting budget right now. "What is your doll repainting budget?" *smack* Zero -- it's zero, dummy.

Hit the jump for a bunch more including more Harry Potter, some Lord of the Rings, Wonder Woman and some frou-frou vampire ones I left in there for the ladies and myself.













Thanks to Sarah, who took the time to tell me she just repainted her bathroom. Equally impressive! (Nowhere near as impressive but don't tell her I said that)

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I really want to do one of these on the megatron beastwars transformer. Its t-rex that turns into a robot, amazing right? But it looks terrible. Just terrible.

  • The Secretary


  • wittyphrase

    I like that when I got to the two dudes I immediately said "Who the hell are they?" and it was the only one he had to caption with their names.

  • way10416

    I WANT ALL THE HP ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are amazing and finding a good figurine off the shelf is impossible and the good ones are ridiculously priced for being mass produced. I'll pay the money for a one of a kind, hand painted piece of art before I pay almost the same price for a mass produced figurine.

  • Why do all the LOTR dolls have such big noses? And why did he make Justin Bieber instead of Paul Wesley for the Vampire diarys

  • Cortney A.

    I think the Superman looks so good cause first off, like some have pointed out, it looks like a legit piece of merchandise compared to all the other dolls that look like they are just trying to cash in on their popularity, and secondly I started to notice that after Chris had passed away a few artiest seemed to model their Superman/Clark Kent after Chris in the comics

  • lordpikachu

    GW, is it just me or have you posted this before?

  • AdamCoates

    I think Arwen and Jack Sparrow look the closest to their real selves. And that Superman one... I think the original looks more like Reeve, like EXACTLY like Reeve.

    Also, Kristen Stewart has never looked so hot.

  • agatha

    Quick! Give that man a job at Mattel! This is amazing! I even want to get a old barbie and try it! :D

  • Brandon

    Why did he give Harry a 5 O' Clock shadow?

  • Blu_tac

    Problem is that the necks on the dolls are rubbish and invalidates his effort to improve the dolls. The only doll that looks great as a whole is the Superman doll.

  • Joey Svitek

    Holy shit. These must take forever. Amazing stuff. The Jack Sparrow one is my fave, followed by the Voldemort figure. Insanely awesome.

  • these are incredible!

  • Quillsy

    I paint miniatures as a hobby and I am most impressed with his work on facial hair and the veins under Voldemort's skin. He must have the steadiest hand in the universe.

  • $18922249


  • ramona Lopez

    I really like how his work highlights how beautiful the sculpts truly are!
    And that the Bella doll has more emotion in her face than Kristen Stewart did.

  • ZomBBombeR

    That doll had more emotion before the repaint.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    LoL :)

  • Is Justin Biber one of the Vamps?

  • JMS

    Anybody else impressed with the stock paint job on Superman? Doesn't look like he had to do much to it.

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