Make It A Cretaceous Christmas: Dinosaur Ornaments

November 13, 2012


Because Target has already been in full-blown Christmas mode for two weeks now, here's some dinosaur tree ornaments. I know there are already a ton of other dinosaur ornaments out there, but these ones are all fun and sparkly. Plus have wreath necklaces. I don't know, I'm a girl. I'm not really a girl by the way, I just like glitter. Like = love, just so we're clear. This is a set of dinosaur Christmas ornaments by One Hundred 80 Degrees and sold on Modcloth (great place for affordable dresses, amirite ladies?). Sadly, they're $16 apiece which is a little out of my Christmas ornament budget this year. Thankfully I already have enough other dino ornaments to turn my tree into a regular Jurassic Park. And can you guess what I have on top?! A star. It's traditional to have a star on top. Or an angel. I was lying about the star though. It's actually a meteor coming to kill all my dino friends. Noooooooo!

Hit the jump for a closeup of each dino.




Thanks to my buddy Michael, who agrees they shouldn't make ornaments so sexy because then you forget about the true meaning of Christmas and just get caught up thinking about dino romance.

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