Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma She Is Not: Russian Granny Kills Attacking Wolf With Axe And Bare Hands

November 14, 2012


Aishat Maksudova is a Russian granny who, when faced with a wolf attacking her and her livestock, took matters (technically an axe) into her own hands and chopping it in the head. She didn't WANT to chop it in the head though, she wanted to choke it to death at first but couldn't because one of her hands was in its mouth. No word if she tells bedside stories about all the times she's tugged on lion tongues or yelled at sleeping dragons.

Speaking from hospital with her hand bandaged, Mrs Maksudova said she was 'not even frightened' during the wolf attack.

Did you read that? It just said a Russian grandma is braver than all of us combined. "I bet I could take one if I had an axe." Take one what -- a shit in your pants? Because that I believe. Best case scenario you take a swing at the thing and cut your own leg off.

Thanks to Sydney and Alan, who fight wolves the old fashioned way: in the Colosseum armed with nothing but a bone knife FOR THEIR FREEDOM.

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