Little Person Destroying iPad Mini With Minigun

November 19, 2012


This is a video of little person Richard Ryan destroying an iPad mini with a 3,000-6,000 rounds/minute minigun. Truthfully, I wasn't going to post the video because destroying the latest gadget with guns is so commonplace now you can probably walk outside and catch somebody pumping a Wii U full of lead, but the slow-motion destruction in this one was pretty good. Especially when the iPad flips off the stand and still takes a bullet that splits it down the side (pictured). That was my favorite part. My favorite part of the weekend? Sleeping in, hands down. Although getting so drunk I passed out in the shower is a close second. "You could have drowned!" I know, I live dangerously. I'd probably ride a motorcycle too if they weren't so f***ing terrifying.

Hit the jump for the video, skip to 1:00 for the action.

Thanks to Richard, who bet me a dollar I couldn't hit a thrown iPad with a bullet. Turns out he was right (I shot myself in the leg).


    "Dwarf". I prefer that they be called "Dwarves", thank you very much.
    Some people. Ugh.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Shouldn't we let them decide or are you some sort of sanctioned Dwarf whisperer?

  • Matt Hall

    It's called insurance, destroy it, phone insurance company, "hello, I broke my ipad, send another please." "Ok." Now you have a video with lots of hits and your ipad back...

  • I don't even like Apple products but still think this is moronic. "Hi, I live in this world of excess and I'd like for you to join me in my daily stupidity! Today we're going to use this expensive gun to destroy some expensive tablet. We don't have any good reason to other than that we're bored and we'd like it if people would start paying attention to us. We take your views and web approval rating system of thumbs up and down very seriously."

  • Vladeon

    Don't forget all the money they make from ad views that funds this type of stuff. If you get enough views with your videos on YouTube you can turn it into a commercial account and actually make money, which is pretty neat.

  • Midget*

  • Kevin

    I really, really, really, really don't understand the whole "destroy perfectly good expensive hardware" thing. I just don't get why you'd spend $300 on something just to destroy it. Need ratings that bad?

  • Richard

    It's actually a fairly simple business model. The "shock and awe" value of my videos provides the drive for their success. The production quality and entertainment value bring people back. Because of the advertisements, more times than not, I am able to pay my overhead back in production costs (ie the $350 tablet). That also generates traffic for my catalog of videos which, in return, allows me to make a living as well as being able to donate to charitable causes I hold dear.

    I can see where some people could be upset by this "shock and awe" style of production but Michael Bay makes a way better living destroying things than I do. Both of us put a lot of time, energy and financial risk into our projects. The fact that I use a $150k slow motion camera hopefully adds more of an entertainment element that separates me from the jackass who buys something only to "drop test" it by smashing it in front of Best Buy to get a reaction out of people. Though, perception of the "entertainment" value is dictated by the individual consuming the content. I have found more times than not, people do appreciate the videos I create.

  • sandul

    because fuck ipads. especially now that microsoft has the ipad/laptop with a keyboard!

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