Legend Of Zelda Overworld Recreated In LEGO

November 14, 2012


Note: Higher res version right HERE.

This is the entire overworld map of Hyrule from the original Legend of Zelda recreated in LEGO bricks by Michael Kuroda. I want one. And you know what? This might be a project I could actually complete without screwing up. "You don't stand a chance." I really don't, do I?

Each LEGO stud represents 16×16 pixels on the in-game map, and the overall LEGO map is 256 studs wide by 88 studs tall!

Seriously though, that thing would look great on my wall. Especially covering up one of the headbutt holes. Don't ask -- it's a long story. Probably one that ends with me not getting my deposit back.

Thanks to blaqk_panda, who's gonna make me one of the overworld from 'A Link to the Past'. Aren't you? *flashing icepick* AREN'T YOU?

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