Learning By Looking: The ABC's Of Sci-Fi Spaceships

November 5, 2012


This is a little alphabet guide of sci-fi franchise spaceships compiled by Scott Markley. They're not ALL sci-fi though, a couple of them are actual real-life ships. Can you spot them? SPOILER: The Normandy and The Liberator. "You have no clue do you?" Zero -- give me a hint. "C and O." Okay I'm going to need a bigger hint than that.

Thanks to jackie9, who knows her ABC's like the back of her hand. SAME. Wait -- there's a mole there?!

  • IngusMW

    Fireball XL5 beat out Firefly??? srsly?

  • Anodos

    Sorry, no Mickey Mouse Club rocket? Cant respect this list.


    S should be the Sulaco.

  • No Moia? Moia is 100 times better than the Falcon.

  • Ha, L is for giant space dick.

    EVERYTHING in that show looked like a penis. The shower for example: to start the flow of water you reach up and tickle/caress a ballsack and then hot steaming water cascades on face from a large tan fleshy hairy tube hanging at eye level. Look up Zev's shower scene in episode 2 for an easy example of rampant cock imagery.

  • Anodos

    Wow, it must of taken an expensive study to figure out that theres cocks in the sex show....

  • Matthew Little

    I'm pretty sure he's posted this before, and again. No Moya, No Von Braun. Whatever.

  • beansproutmomo

    Where is Moya from Farscape?!?!

  • cabbo

    The Normandy is more recognizable than the Nostromo, but still...

  • Ryan Boyce

    It makes me super happy that the Unity from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri is on here. Probably my favourite computer game growing up as a kid! :)

  • guest

    Some vidja game bullshit beats the Nostromo for N? If you're going to engage in public nerdery, make a damn effort.

  • Sorry without Farscape's Moya I can not recognize this list haha

  • Tod Schwartz


  • Joey Svitek

    Awesome! Except the Challenger was a real ship. And the Quinjet wasn't capable of space flight. Just sayin'.

  • There is an obvious correlation here - the more of these you know, the less fulfilling your life is.

  • Guest

    This is the enterprise E. has some similarities to voyager, but very blatant differences. The only fail is your observation.

  • Kevin

    It's not a picture of Voyager. It's the Enterprise from the most recent televised Star Trek iteration, the show called "Enterprise" with that dude from Quantum Leap.

  • Guest

    Wrong Enterprise.

  • Paper Kosmonaut

    I don't see Blake's 7 Liberator anywhere, I do see too much Star trek, and why not the Orion from Kubrick's 2001? That would have fit much better. And.. Seeing the Nostromo in the list would have been nice, too.

  • Miles Curiotto

    Ishimura! BURN IT WITH FIRE!

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