I've Said It For Years: Human Rights Watch Urges "Ban Of Autonomous Weaponized Robots Before It's Too Late"

November 20, 2012


The Human Rights Watch has just issued a 50-page report titled 'Losing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots' that urges governments to ban the development of fully autonomous robots designed to kill. A one page addendum to the report written by yours truly adds, "Just ban them all so we can go get drunk and take turns punching each other in the privates." A solid piece of legislature if I do say so myself.

"Giving machines the power to decide who lives and dies on the battlefield would take technology too far," said Steve Goose, Arms Division director at Human Rights Watch. "Human control of robotic warfare is essential to minimizing civilian deaths and injuries."

"Losing Humanity" is the first major publication about fully autonomous weapons by a nongovernmental organization and is based on extensive research into the law, technology, and ethics of these proposed weapons. It is jointly published by Human Rights Watch and the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic.

Agreed -- no robot should ever be given the power to decide if a human being lives or dies. That power should only be given to me. And I say NUKE THE ENTIRE PLANET. *mashing big red button* "You do realize that's just a fake button we installed to see if you'd push it, right?" Um, YEAH -- I realized it last night when I snuck out of bed to hit it the first time.

Thanks to Kringle Fantastico, MarkE and NoodleRamen Konbu egg, who promised to stand up and fight the robots which is awesome because now I won't have to. *stretching out on sofa* Don't let me down, guys!

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