It Took Way Longer IRL: History Of Earth In 90 Seconds

November 2, 2012


This is a video showing the history of earth from big bang to current day, all in a minute and a half video. In real life it took almost 10,000 times that long though -- maybe even 100,000. "You're an idiot." I have never passed a math class. The video was created using footage from a bunch of different movies and documentaries, and actually is worth a watch. I'm just not convinced it's an accurate portrayal of earth. Like, is this the REAL history of the earth, or is this the history of the earth the government wants us to believe? QUESTION EVERYTHING. The CIA bugged my shampoo bottle so they can listen to me sing in the shower. ♫ I'm scrubbing my butt and it feels funny, and I know you're listening Mr. Presideeent! ♫

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Elizabeth, who agrees the government will never release the REAL history of the earth because there were aliens involved. I knew it -- I KNEW IT!

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