I'll Never Wake Up: Wild Coffee Could Be Extinct By 2080

November 15, 2012


According to a recent study by Kew Gardens, climate change could wipe out the majority of the world's wild arabica coffee plants by 2080. Then we're left with growing coffee in greenhouses, or, worse, doing a bunch of coke just to be able to get out of bed in the morning.

a warming planet could make 99.7 percent of bean-growing regions too hot to support the crop...Although much of the commercial coffee we drink comes from greenhouses, the wild strain is vital to the bean's longevity. These "pure" beans show farmers what it takes to resist pests and disease and are used to make the farmed beans more resilient.

Is that true -- that most commercial coffee comes from greenhouses? I never would have imagined that. Of course I never would have imagined paying $5 for a cup of coffee either, and yet here we are. "At Starbucks?" MacBooks everywhere.

Thanks to Evil Ares, who's so evil he's probably the driving force behind global warming.

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