I Want One: The Clear Cocoon Ball Of Solitude

November 13, 2012


Seen here begging to be knocked off its base and pushed down a hill, a lady hangs out in her Cocoon. What's a Cocoon? A $2,990 clear plastic ball with some modular colored cushions. Want one with a little sink and kitchen inside? No worries, they make that option too. "Don't mind me, I'm just gonna go make lunch in my ball," said the most eccentric person ever. Hey, don't mind me either -- I'll just let myself out. Some crapola:

The confined space is the bottom line when it comes to the human need for shelter, for survival against nature, for solitude among people or against people or for defining the different functions in our lives. Spaces work on all levels, rooms, houses, countries or worlds. The spaces differs but is ever-present. Cocoon is a piece of furniture that's define a new space. Micasa Lab is proud to present the Cocoon 1. It is a new type of furniture that transcends the border between object and space and challenges how we perceive furniture.

As much fun as I'd love to make of these things, you and I both know we want one. BAD. I seriously just opened my roommate's bedroom door and looked around for things I could pawn to help pay for the cost. His room smells bad. Also, there was a love doll in his bed. And not one of the fancy ones either, one of the ones that looks like a pool float. No worries though, I just changed the Wi-Fi password so he'll probably never read this.

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  • Mighty Molecule

    aww great, they even included a small hole. big enough for me to lob a quarter-stick into as i'm running by someone in one of these....

  • This looks and reads like something you'd get in The Sims.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    A Great Hamster Ball for Humanz.... With it, i shall rule the world! MUHAHAHAHA!!

  • Dani

    This is dumber than a fifth coat of paint.

  • Crucial

    Yeah, try and be in that outside during summer. That thing would get HOT.

  • Cardiff Giant

    Its been done before


  • Idlethoughts

    I would probably roll anyone I saw sitting in these, especially if they were on a hill.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    That description came right out of Google Translate, didn't it?

  • Another day closer to Wall*E

  • fourth

  • pooking

    i would just sit in there and dutch oven all day.

  • Sh17C0que


  • Sean Lally

    Good place to be when the kids are playing jarts...

  • Robert Decoy

    i thought GW was kidding about the sink... sweet jesus...

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