I Want A Neighbor Like That: Awesome Totoro Costume

November 8, 2012


This is the Totoro costume made by Melanie Mescher and her mother Alize. As you can tell unless you're blind or a giant jerkbag who doesn't think anything is cool because you didn't make it yourself, it's amazing. I would wear that everyday until a local news team came to interview me as 'the Totoro guy' and I would use that opportunity to yell about government conspiracies and aliens to secure my place as an EXPERT WITNESS. Still, why can't I have a neighbor like Totoro? All I've got are a bunch of a-holes who have zero respect for the apartment building and an old lady who I always catch digging through the trash looking for "art supplies". She's this crazy old white-hair who only wears boxer shorts and an undershirt and shuffles around the building waiting for the mail to come. One time I was waiting for an elevator and the doors opened and she was on it and I told her to just go ahead and I'd catch the next one. She insisted I get on with her and promised she wouldn't try to touch me EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A LIE. *getting the chills* Her fingers felt like lizard tails.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the I just want to curl up and sleep on his belly.







Thanks Alize and Melanie, great job.

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