Homemade Robot Patrols Yard With Water Cannon

November 12, 2012


This is Steve Norris's Patrolbot Mark II. You can tell it's not CHUCK Norris's Patrolbot Mark II because your monitor didn't just explode. Are Chuck Norris jokes still fashionable? No? What about baggy sweaters? Patrolbot is a remote controlled security robot Steve uses to patrol his yard with a flashlight, night-vision camera, and water sprayer. What the hell Steve is patrolling for is beyond me, but he does spray a concrete rabbit sculpture at the end of the video. Hoho, you sure showed it! You hear that, garden gnomes? PATROLBOT KNOWS NO MERCY.

Hit the jump for a video demo.

Thanks to Aaron and Kevin, who patrol their yards the old fashioned way: hiding in the bushes with a shotgun.

  • Fred Haro

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  • Deksam

    he should have put a mower blade on it as well.

  • peril

    I bet that guys neighbors love that horn...

  • SonicAlligator

    That's gross GW, that robot clearly honked before it skeet-skeet-skeeted all over that poor stone bunny.


    For the record: with an exception for the brief period when Conan O'Brien had the lever that played random Walker Texas Ranger clips, Chuck Norris jokes were never fashionable.


  • Idlethoughts

    ... so there wouldn't happen to be a way to ban commenters from this site, would there? Perhaps be overwhelming popular demand?

  • Your*

  • Tiz Nizzle

    wheres the one that has beer?

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