Grow Up!: Another Day, Another Fake Bigfoot Sighting

November 5, 2012


This is a presumably fake-ass video of a Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon, Utah. I'm not positive what the hell I was looking at, but I'm pretty confident it was either a bear, a dog burying some turds in a hole, or a person in a gorilla costume. And is it just a coincidence that the video came out during Halloween week, when gorilla costume rentals are at their peak? *banging gavel* Tarp and feather them! "That's not the saying." BURN THEM UP AS STEAK.

Hit the jump for the video but don't watch it because they really don't deserve the Youtube views.

Thanks to ChaosLex and rob, who don't always see Bigfoot, but when they do they collect proof-positive evidence that it was him because they're not spazzes like everyone else who sees him.

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