GROG ME: Homemade Pirate Chest Beer Cooler Mod

November 30, 2012


This is a wooden pirate chest built around an Igloo beer cooler by redditor ShutUpLori (seriously Lori -- I can barely hear myself think) for his boss. What kind of boss asks you to mod a cooler into a pirate chest is beyond me, but they sound like a pretty good one. My old boss was always asking me to do lame work like pick his kids from school and stuff like that and I was always, "No way, I hate your kids!" and he was all, "But you're the NANNY." I knew I never should have quit my job at the gas station.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures, hit the reddit link in the article to see shots of the actual build process.



Thanks to PYY, who agrees you don't need a pirate cooler to enjoy grog because it's best served ROOM TEMP. Mmmm, love me some warm-ass booze.

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