Glasses That Blast Your Eyes With A Daylight-Like Spectrum Make You Less Depressed During The Winter

November 13, 2012


Looking cool is just a bonus.

This is Seqinetic, a pair of €59 (~$75) glasses that have six LEDs and a reflector to shoot a comforting white "daylight" spectrum of light around your eyes (but not directly in them) to improve your mood in the long, dark winter months. Me? I just hibernate. Because I'm a bear. ROAR! "You are not a bear." I HAVE SHAT IN THE WOODS.

Getting out of bed on a dark winter morning can be tough. Lots of people need a strong cup of coffee or even an energy drink to get going.

We have an innovative alternative. SEQINETIC™ "sun" glasses are a calorie-free, substance-free way to beat the winter blues. They offer the bright, white daylight you're craving - in a portable design.

SEQINETIC™ "sun" glasses let you wear your light source while you go about your morning routine. And yes, you can read and use a computer while wearing them.

Using SEQINETIC™ "sun" glasses for up to 30 minutes a day, and you'll have much more energy during those long, dark winter months.

I have no clue if any of their claims are actually accurate, I just posted them hoping to score a free pair. Then I'm going to replace the LEDs with lasers and give them to my roommate to wear. God willing he'll go blind and I won't have to share the TV in the living room anymore.

Hit the jump for a video demo.

Thanks to The Pink Punisher, who keeps his spirits high in the winter the old fashioned way: staying in and drinking your way through it.

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