GIF Named US Word Of The Year, Britain's Omnishambles

November 13, 2012


'GIF' (graphic interchange format) was officially named the US word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary, while Britain's was 'omnishambles'. Both are terrible decisions and I demand a recount. RECOUNT OR I'M MOVING TO CANADA. "Do it." MAYBE I WILL. "Do it." MAYBE I WILL. "DO IT." I'm too lazy to go anywhere, I just like complaining. An explanation of the winners and some depressing bronze medal finishers:

Oxford University Press on Tuesday crowned the word [omnishambles] -- defined as "a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations" -- its top term of 2012.

The editors said gif was being recognized for making the crucial transition from noun to verb, "to gif": to create a gif file of an image or video sequence, especially relating to an event. And, inevitably, to share it online.

Europe's financial crisis lent the shortlisted word "Eurogeddon," while technology produced "second screening" -- watching TV while simultaneously using a computer, phone or tablet -- and social media popularized the acronym "YOLO," you only live once.

I mean, I guess I should just be thankful that YOLO didn't win because if it did I would have officially called it quits on life. One time my buddy yelled YOLO and tried peeing off my balcony and I punched him so hard he probably wished you only live zero times. Then I called the police and told them a man on drugs had broken into my apartment. They came and arrested him and took him to jail and everything. Hey -- if you want life experiences, I'll give you life experiences.

Thanks to Pyrblaze and liz, who both expressed sadness peen didn't make the list. Nobody more than me guys, nobody more than me.

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