FINALLY: Zelda Playing Cards Now A Real Product

November 26, 2012


Remember when I posted the Zelda themed playing cards from DeviantARTist Nelde? WELL NOW YOU CAN BUY THEM. *gyrating hips to emphasize crotch* "Why are you doing that?" Because it feels good. Plus I wanted you to notice my new belt buckle. "It says: If you can read this you're in the running for the closest a person's ever gotten to my privates." Haha, you're in like second place!

These poker-sized playing cards are produced by the US Playing Card Company (USPCC), the same company responsible for the famous Bicycle card decks.

56 Poker sized cards
Printed on Bicycle grade paper with embossed finish
Unique suits (sword, heart, rupee, tri-force) and face cards
Custom card backs (available in red and blue)
Custom tuck box
Gold foil security seal and cellophane wrapper with tear band

A deck will set you back $15 and will undoubtedly be the coolest playing cards you've ever owned. "Oh really? Because I already own a deck with nudie chicks." What -- LET ME SEE THOSE. Hey, these are dudes! "Gotcha!" Whatever, you're the one with the pecker playing cards.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the deck.









Thanks to Jon, who just multiplied the Zelda-ness of my drinking games by infinity. "Zero times infinity is still zero." Let's not get technical.

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