Don't Tell My Grandpa!: An Energy Generating Rocking Chair With iPad Dock And Integrated Speakers

November 2, 2012


I'm serious -- don't tell my granpda. He doesn't even know what an iPad is but he'll want to know, then you'll get sucked into a half hour conversation that will probably end with him falling asleep mid-sentence. This is the iRock (really?), a $1,300 rocking chair that generates energy from rocking to charge your iPad and power the speakers. I don't know, I feel like trying to use your iPad while rocking might cause motion sickness. And motion sickness, as you may have heard, leads to babies. "Huh?" It's true, my friend went on a cruise and got pregnant!

Thanks to Markin, who's holding out for a porch swing version.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Well it's swedish so you probably have to put it together yourself so me'tinks I should wait until some idiot buys one for $1300 and posts a vid on the inner workins of it and once I understand how that tiny pulley generator works just mod an already made chair becuase I don't give a fuck what noone says this concept is fuckin' awesome I just refuse to that much for something like that $200-300 Max.

  • p_shep

    So I'm seeing a couple of pulleys and a belt... failing to see how the rocking motion turns said pulleys. Also, why is one pulley just hanging around back up there? What's it doing?
    Basically I can't help feeling this is another concept piece that has no bearing on anything actually existing. The artist is thinking: "Right, need to power this thing somehow... Oh pulleys! Yes! I'll put some random pulleys on it! Pulleys are used to power shit, aren't they?"

  • Well, this is certainly interesting. It should retain the classic maple/oak finish.

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