Damn Yeah, Diabetes!: The 26-Pound Gummi Python

November 8, 2012


Whoa, is this a penis?

Because who doesn't want to stare diabetes right in the eyes and tell it, "I give up, just take me," Vat19 is selling these 26.9-pound, 36,720 calorie Party Pythons. They're almost eight feet long, cost $150, and come in red cherry/blue raspberry and blue raspberry/green apple. Each snake contains over 12-pounds of sugar and can be cut into 306 individual 120-calorie servings. Alternatively, you can just eat the whole thing by yourself in a day and die. And not die happy, mind you -- die miserable. No worries though, I have the feeling that's how I'm going to go too. That or in an explosion.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots.






Thanks to my pal Terry, who put an original NES golden Zelda cartridge in a shadow box and hung it on the wall as art and it actually looks really good even though I would never admit that to him.

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