'New' Credit Card With Numeric Buttons, LCD Screen

November 9, 2012


MasterCard is about to roll out this 'Display Card' in Singapore and claims it's gonna be the next big thing in credit card technology (how exciting!). It has buttons and an LCD screen that will only allow payment with the card after the user enters their PIN number, and a unique authorization code is generated. The card is manufactured by NagraID Security, which is weird because I POSTED THE EXACT SAME CARD AND CONCEPT FROM SOME OTHER COMPANIES BACK IN 2007. That was five years ago. Did they buy up the technology? Steal it? Are the companies related? No clue. Are my and my brother related? ALLEGEDLY, although he's way smarter and actually succeeding in life, so I have my doubts.

Thanks to Privatrebel and Simon, who agree the best credit card security is a strict cash only policy.

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