Combat Kitchenware: Frying Pans With Weapon Handles

November 20, 2012


Because everyone likes pretending they're a knight when they cook, James Brown (no not THAT James Brown, silly! The one with the green hair in the video after the jump) has created a Kickstarter for Combat Kitchenware, a line of cookware with weapon handles instead of plain ones. Currently, $27 will get you a handle kit to convert a pan yourself, and assembled pans start at $45 and go up from there. Unfortunately, they don't come in ninja sword grips. EXCEPT THE ONES I'M SELLING. "That's a shoelace wrapped around a banana." Shhhhhhhh! But yeah, that is what it is. I want one that looks like Excaliber's handle so I can threaten roommate with it oldschool style.

Stop there, heathen! I knoweth thou has stolen with my final pudding cup! Do explain thyself. "I didn't take it." Oh no-eth? "I really didn't." DAMMIT DERREK I KNOW YOU ATE IT, PREPARE TO DIE! *CLONK!* "I swear I..." *CLONK CLONK CLONK!* Haha, oh there it is -- it was hiding in the back.

Hit the jump for a shot of an egg frying and James' Kickstarter video where he proves green hair really does sell products.


Thanks to Anna, who agrees they should make entire cookware sets with different weapon handles so we can battle to the death over who has to do the dishes.

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