Chug-A-Lug!: Das Horn, A Modern Day Drinking Horn

November 19, 2012


Way back in the day people used to drink out of animal horns as a sign of badassness. Or maybe they were for satanic rituals. Truthfully, I'm not sure why the hell they did it, but they did. Me? I drink out of a plastic chalice that says, "GW'S HAPPY SAUCE" on it in puffy paint. Except some of the letters came off in the wash so now it just says WAPPY SAUCE. Love my wappy sauce. Das Horn is a modern take on classic drinking horns. It's currently a Kickstarter project, and a 24oz horn and neck strap will cost you $35 if they reach their $50,000 funding goal. If they meet $60,000 they'll even manufacture stands so you don't have to wear a neck strap or wedge the horn between two couch cushions when you want to set it down. Not that you would ever want to. I'm going to get two of them and make an ancient Greek beer helmet! No, no I'm not. But if I get drunk enough I will strap one to my head and pretend I'm a unicorn. "You'd make a great unicorn, GW." I think so too!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and the Kickstarter video.





Thanks to Lani, who only drinks out of fossilized dino horns because, you know, RICH.

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