Chinese Family Refuses To Sell House To Goverment To Build Highway, Road Is Built RIGHT UP TO THE WALLS

November 26, 2012


67-year old Luo Baogen and his wife refused to sell their apartment to the government (for the $42,000 in compensation they were offering) so it could be demolished and a new highway built. So what did the government do? What any government would -- KILLED THEM. I'm joking, they just retaliated and built the highway right up to their foundation. Thankfully they don't have any small children who like playing in the yard. Or outdoor cats. The conflict has been going on for almost four years, with neither side willing to budge. Personally, I wouldn't mind living there. "But why, GW?" Billboard revenue, homey -- look at all that choice white space! Now close your eyes and imagine a giant tampon ad. Ka-ching!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the sadness.



Thanks to chichi, NOT NEEDED, Nardus and DERRY's BIG BAZ, who all live in the woods like wild animals and have never even seen a highway.

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