Bony: Galileo's Fingers Still Look Decent After 370 Years

November 5, 2012


Decent being a relative term of course. This is one of the three fingers cut from Galileo's hand in 1737 when his body was being moved to its final resting place after spending almost a hundred years at a temporary memorial (he died in 1642). Wow, who the hell cuts the fingers off a dead person? Witches, that's who. They use them to brew potions. Thankfully(?), two of the digits have made their way on display in Italy, where you can go see them at the Museum of the History of Science in Florence. This isn't new news mind you (the fingers were rediscovered in 2009), it's just news I found out when I clicked on a thumbnail that looked like a petrified animal penis. The more you know.

Hit the jump for another shot of this one and one of the others that looks even gnarlier.




Thanks to Nate, who's convinced cutting the fingers off of dead people leads to curses and he is CORRECT.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.


  • ZomBBombeR


  • Mighty Molecule

    those are some long fingers. mrs. galileo must have been very happy.

  • $15762351

    Weird, I was in this very museum in Florence in 1994 and saw one of the fingers, but not the other. If they were "rediscovered" in 2009, I wonder where this finger went during those missing 15 years?

  • Sean Lally

    Yeah, saw them this spring. Very cool. When I first looked I thought, damn, that is a long finger, but it also includes bones from his hand as well. So not only did they cut off his finger, they split his hand all up too!

  • rikster81

    I heard if you put toward the sun it points to a hidden treasure

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Is he flipping us off?

  • wait only 2? wheres the other one?

  • That was my question, too. Somewhere there is an Italian guy with the creepiest backscratcher in the world.

  • p_shep

    Full of ew.

  • Patrick Caldwell

    I am going to pick my nose with that thing.

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