Beer Hunter Jacket Has Insulated Pockets For Brewskis

November 13, 2012


This is the $105 Beer Hunter Jacket from skateboarding company Enjoi. It has insulated pockets to keep your beers cold and you warm. Plan on downing a forty? It has a pocket for one. Planning on downing a bunch of wine coolers? *smack* HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT, MAN. I'm joking, I love those things too -- especially the ones that turn your mouth blue.

Hit the jump for shots of the exterior (SPOILER: kind of looks like a homeless person jacket).


Thanks to Thom, who knows what I like and it is beer and staying warm (in that order).

  • Steve Willson

    I'm not surprised by this move.... numerous companies have made beer toting clothes, including boardshorts from Metal Mulisha, and Matix. Hoodies by Von Zipper.. even Burton has full snowboarding backpacks devoted to carrying booze/shotglasses, playing cards etc.... and Enjoi would be proud you said the jacket looks like a homeless guys GW.

  • Lee

    From Canada: Why?

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