Because Real Fish Require Work: Robotic Fish Pets

November 12, 2012


Because real pets require care and care is an obligation and people HATE obligations, Takara Tomy designed these €15 (~$19) 'Robo-Fish' for sale as pets. Or maybe they're for kids. But apparently *picking plastic fin out of teeth* they're not for sushi. One of you could have said something you know. The fish are powered by two watch batteries and swim around randomly in their tank, mimicking the movement of a real fish. Don't have a tank? Put them in a drinking glass. Don't have any glasses? Okay you should probably buy some dishes before a robotic fish. Priorities, folks. "YOU don't have dishes." I drink out of the sink like a cat!

Hit the jump for a video of the fish in action.

Thanks to Kevin and Terrance, who I suspect are the same person living a double life.

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