Another Day, Another Pac-Man Spotted In Saturn's Moons

November 27, 2012


Mimas, left, Tethys, right.

Remember when scientists discovered a Pac-Man hiding in Saturn's moon Mimas when viewing the satellite with a thermal imaging camera? Well look out world, because Saturn's moon Tethys has one too. My moon? My moon has a scar that looks like a flower from the time a friend stuffed a lit firework down the back of my pants. *pulling down jeans* See? "You need to learn how to wipe better." AHAHAHAHAHAHA, WOOPS.

A report in Icarus suggests the effect is due to high-energy electrons bombarding the sides of the moons that face their direction of orbital travel.

That compacts the surfaces to a hard, icy texture that does not heat or cool as rapidly as the unaffected surface.

"Finding a second Pac-Man in the Saturn system tells us that the processes creating these 'Pac-Men' are more widespread than previously thought," said Carly Howett, of the Southwest Research Institute in Texas and lead author of the study.

"The Saturn system - and even the Jupiter system - could turn out to be a veritable arcade of these characters," she said.

Did you read that? There could be a whole arcade of Pac-Men hiding in our solar system! Do you think they're just waiting for the right time to descend upon earth and devour the planet? One can only hope! OVER HERE, OVER HERE -- I'M A POWER PELLET.

Thanks to kHurtiZ, Pogonophile and Elnora, who have their fingers crossed scientists find some Q*berts hiding somewhere in the solar system.

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