A Photobooth That Creates 3-D Printed Figurines

November 13, 2012


Omote 3D is a new photo booth (not actually a photo booth but a little studio) set to open in Tokyo's Harajuku district that creates 3-D printed figurines of a person instead of a photo strip. All you have do is stand perfectly still for 15-minutes while you're scanned with a magic gun, then a 3-D printer gets to work printing your mini doppelganger. Prices start at around $265 for a 10cm figure, and up to $530 for a 20cm. There are also group discounts, so bring your friends! Me? I don't have any friends because I pushed them all away. Alienate everyone who loves you -- that's my motto. I'm my own emergency contact :(

Hit the jump for a shot of a couple getting scanned, as well as some more finished products.






Thanks to lilco, who agrees they should make even smaller, more affordable figures that you can use as your piece for playing board games.

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