+5 Politics: World Of Warcraft Player Wins Senate Seat

November 7, 2012


Leeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!

I meant to post this story last month, but, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, I got drunk and forgot about it. But now we know the results so I don't have to write about it twice, which works out for me because words can be tricky to type. Anyway, during Colleen Lachowicz's campaign for Maine state senate, it came to light she was a serious World of Warcrafter, and was attacked by the opposing party for her gaming habits (see ad above). She, in return, cited that her gaming made her even more relatable to the populous. Long story short, she just won her race and will probably be the one yelling at her laptop during senate hearings. Hopefully things that could be mistaken for actually paying attention like, "This is bullshit!" and not "Where the hell's my enchanted armor?!"

Thanks to Lawrence, chichi and The Superficial Writer, who agree they probably should have elected somebody who got the platinum trophy for Borderlands 2 over the weekend. Me, guys -- I'm talking about me.

  • Katherine

    funny that all the comments are about her level and how many hours she could have spent getting there, not the glaring error in the article- for all I can tell, that ad is a promotion of her, not an attack by the opposing candidate/party as stated: "was attacked by the opposing party for her gaming habits (see ad above)"

  • I donno...sometimes when Obama goes off script he gets this look in his eye I get the feeling he'd enjoy stabbing too. ex: when he said(exact quote and there really isn't any context to take it out of) “rich people are all for
    nonviolence. Why wouldn’t they be? They’ve got what they want. They want
    to make sure people don’t take their stuff.”

  • Samantha Smith

    If you read the orange box titled "What is Colleen's World?". She's level 85, and probably hasn't had much time to play MoP during the election. Now that she's won I'm sure she'll play catch-up on lvl 90. :)

  • noob

  • just more proof moonbat liberals will vote for any crackhead weirdo...they all proved that last night re-electing that trainwreck. Going to be fun to see what happens when all of the welfare money runs out and the unwashed masses have to go get real jobs. Then you'll see the zombie apocalypse. Also means you losers will have to get off here and out of ya moms basements. BOOM!

  • weird...I tried to thumbs up it and it didn't work, so I tried 5 more times with refreshing and everything and nothing. The 4th click even changed the 0 likes into a -1 like... So I clicked down it worked and now I can't undo that

  • Yea level 68 is pretty serious. She must have played at least 10 hours total.

  • sandul

    i played several hundred hours of wow over dozens of characters before i finally hit a max level (85). for years my highest was 48. I got bored of characters, what can i say.

  • well, politics and power leveling must be difficult.

  • That quote was from 3.5 years ago. Leveling was much slower then, and 70 was the max.

  • Except for the fact that in April of 2009 Lich King had already been out for about 6 months, meaning that for half a year the level cap was 80, and casually you can get from 60-70 in a week or two at that point.

  • Good catch on the date, 20 hours then! Dungeon queues really sped things up.

  • ZomBBombeR

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