$100,000 Credit Card Made With Gold And Diamonds

November 8, 2012


This is the incredibly ridiculous Russian 'Sberbank Visa Infinite' credit card. It's made of pure gold and has 26 diamonds in it. It makes me hate wasteful rich people even more than I did before, which was already a lot. The card costs $100,000 to obtain, $65,000 of which goes to actually making the card, with the remainder deposited in the user's account. Wait -- so it's a prepaid card? That's not fancy (for reference, I have a prepaid credit card AND phone). Fine, it's not actually a prepaid card. A bunch of crap that will only make you angry:

With its hefty price tag, cardholders can look forward to top tier benefits and privileges--such as life and health insurance worth over $250,000, lounge access at airports, concierge services, discounts at hotels and restaurants, car hires and more.

The bank will also provide new cardholders with a free iPhone 5 and a Montblanc card case.

You get this card, and I will steal it. Mark my words. I won't even spend a cent on your account, I'm just going to melt the card and make myself a necklace. And that necklace is going to be a gold heart studded with diamonds. And right in the middle it's going to read, in fancy cursive, "I love the peen" so nobody will steal it.

Hit the jump for a worthless video unless you know Russian. Also, why doesn't the card have a number or magnetic strip on the back? How are you supposed to buy stuff?

Thanks to cancan, who doesn't believe in credit cards. Well listen: they exist, TRUST me.

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