You've Gotta Be F***ing Kidding Me: New Ninja Turtles Cartoon Replaces 'Cowabunga' With 'Booyakasha' :(

October 1, 2012


In stupid idiot news, the Nickelodeon reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has decided to replace the turtles' traditional "cowabunga" with the much dumber "booyakasha". Dammit, I told myself I wasn't going to drink today either. Now look at me! "Tongue kissing a bottle of rye whiskey." YEP. Pure sadness:

Says producer Ciro Neili:

There was a lot of talk about what the new 'cowabunga' was, or whether it should even remain 'cowabunga.' We hadn't initially come up with anything yet because we didn't really necessarily need it [at the time].

But then when we were at the record, one of the actors -- Greg Cipes, who actually plays Michelangelo -- just kind of went for it. When he said it in the room, there were a lot of executives there. I think it was our first record. And it was that moment when he said it -- I think he just really pulled it off and kind of won everybody over in the room. And it stuck.

Listen: yelling booyakasha during voice-recording is not "going for it." That is the opposite of going for it. If I had been in that room and "booyakasha" came out of anybody's mouth I would have dragged them out back and shot them in both knees.

Thanks again to chichi, who, for two tips in a day, gets *looking around* a dog or a wireless mouse -- your pick.

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