You've Gotta Be F***ing Kidding Me: New Ninja Turtles Cartoon Replaces 'Cowabunga' With 'Booyakasha' :(

October 1, 2012


In stupid idiot news, the Nickelodeon reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has decided to replace the turtles' traditional "cowabunga" with the much dumber "booyakasha". Dammit, I told myself I wasn't going to drink today either. Now look at me! "Tongue kissing a bottle of rye whiskey." YEP. Pure sadness:

Says producer Ciro Neili:

There was a lot of talk about what the new 'cowabunga' was, or whether it should even remain 'cowabunga.' We hadn't initially come up with anything yet because we didn't really necessarily need it [at the time].

But then when we were at the record, one of the actors -- Greg Cipes, who actually plays Michelangelo -- just kind of went for it. When he said it in the room, there were a lot of executives there. I think it was our first record. And it was that moment when he said it -- I think he just really pulled it off and kind of won everybody over in the room. And it stuck.

Listen: yelling booyakasha during voice-recording is not "going for it." That is the opposite of going for it. If I had been in that room and "booyakasha" came out of anybody's mouth I would have dragged them out back and shot them in both knees.

Thanks again to chichi, who, for two tips in a day, gets *looking around* a dog or a wireless mouse -- your pick.

  • i think it would be great for the kids if this legendary cartoon remake.thanks for the post.3D virtual world kids

  • Brad Downam

    Wow...getting upset about a cartoon for...."kids".

  • Danny P

    Look at this grown-ass human being whining like a baby that a cartoon for kids didn't do a dumb thing it did when he was a child.

  • What please me off is that Don is not a nerd anymore and has a missing tooth.

  • Katayani

    boyakasha is a jamaican, and some say native african word that means "death to the white man" which can be heard in jungle drum and bass which Ali G i.e Sasha Baren Cohen regularly listen too. GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!

  • ricken

    i have to say that this, in spanish, means litterally "I am going home" THXBYE

  • CrazyUncleNicola

    Are we really making a big deal about one word? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • kaos9

    You complaining about someone on the internet complaining about a cartoon is even sadder than the actual fact.

  • Stelio Freeman

    anyone mad at this is an idiot.
    this show is NOT FOR YOU OR YOUR DAMN NOSTALGIA. it's for your kids. getting mad at this is just retarded, and if you planned on watching it @ 25+ with any sort of seriousness - your life has taken a bad turn.

  • Mr. Bones

    I'm 26, but I watch it for fun because it's a good show. and who cares about one word. it's not like it's ruining the entire formula of the show.

  • Guest

    I don't like this and the Urban Dictionary's definitions. However, Splinter's redesign is awesome. :D

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Ali G has been around since 2000. Why not pick a catchphrase from this generation then? The little turds that will be watching this TMNT were not even alive when Sacha Baron Cohen started saying "Booyakasha."

    If you are going to use an old tired catchphrase then at least keep the original because then it makes the most sense to the parents who in the end are the ones that hold the purse strings and will support their little rugrats with Christmas presents of TMNT goodies.

    All these reboots are taken from shows in our generation and we are the parents now. Our generation is still alive and kicking and are the ones holding the jobs at this moment. Don't mess with our childhood if you want us to spend any money on this crap.

  • Mr. Bones

    Nobody is messing with your childhood. Grow up. Deal with it. Things change. Your memories and childhood are still intact, or are you suggesting that you're a giant baby and that THIS is still considered your childhood?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    No I am saying look at who your market is. It does not matter about the kids. In the end its about the parents. That is why all the commercials now from cars to toothpaste use background music from a certain generational time. It associates the memories of the people that at this current time are holding the jobs and the money. My generation is the target generation when it comes to corporations focusing on the money. TMNT came from my generational time. I suggest before you start trying to change it, the corporations really need to think about where little 10 year old Timmy is going to get his money from to purchase the new TMNT doll.

  • Danny P

    You're a literal adolescent crying because little kids are playing with your old toys. Oh no! I'm not gonna buy little Jimmy a ninja turtle for Xmas because the new turtles say an Ali G line instead of the line they said when I was a kid!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    No...I am not going to buy it because the character Ali G is an idiot. kinda on the same level of drudging up old blogs from a week ago just to post your 0.02

    speaking of adolescent

  • Danny P

    Sorry about your shit tastes in comedy.

  • Mr. Bones

    ... That's the dumbest explanation of anything I've ever read. I agree with the toothpaste and such, but cartoons? No, that's idiotic. Cartoons are made to appeal to children on the majority level, the adults/parents are only the target audience in terms of things being "okay for their kids", not "HEY GUYS WE PUT COWABUNGA IN THERE SO YOU CAN GO MASTURBATE TO YOUR MEMORIES OF SOMETHING FROM THE LATE 80S!!!!! WOOOOOO PARTY TIME!".

    Here's a tip: This show is targeted towards children born as late as 2005. You aren't those children. Grow up.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Shows how much you understand about marketing. Do you really believe that cartoons are created for the artistic value for children? Do you understand how the marketing of toys and apparel is created BEFORE a show is even placed on television? Cartoons are nothing more than 30 minute commercials for kids. The real money comes from the selling of the TMNT toys and clothing and video game and etc.

    This practice has been in place for decades and happens all around you and its not just for kids. Movies and normal television shows promote products every chance they get.

    They didn't reboot TMNT for the kids. They did it for the money that could be made from a new generation of kids in a few months. The fault in the logic (and where this whole discussion started from ) is the reboot of TMNT and changing a catchphrase that was synonymous for that show. The kids who watched that show in the beginning are now the parents of the children of the newest TMNT reboot. We are saying don't screw with it. It's called an opinion and that opinion should matter since in the end it's ultimately the parents decision if a toy will or will not be purchased this Christmas season.

    You fail to see the humor in this and should get the stick our of your ass. We are jokingly saying "don't mess with our childhood" you are the one who really seems to be taking this too seriously.

  • Mr. Bones

    Actually, I do know... I work for a company that makes children's cartoons. I'm just speaking in terms of the "commercials" themselves. the kids have to actually enjoy the show in order to want the toy in the first place, so clearly it has to cater to them to an extent... not that whether or not it's "Cowabunga" or "Boyakawhatever" is really going to affect that.

    I really don't think people aren't going to buy toys based off that fact either. If anyone denies their child a toy they want because they think the show ruined their own childhood, they're just sad and pathetic.

    Anyway, it's hard to tell when people are joking on the internet sometimes or are genuinely immature and upset that one word was swapped out.

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