You Nasty!: Chinese Softshell Turtle Pees Out Of Its Mouth

October 15, 2012


My God it even LOOKS like something that would pee out of its mouth.

This is a Chinese softshell turtle. It pees out of it's mouth. That's nasty. It's being studying extensively by a Singaporean researcher named Shit Fun Chew, which the article I read made a big deal about as an example of nominative-determinism (your name dictates what you do in life), even though the turtle only PEES out of its mouth. Come on guys, maybe if it went number two that would actually make sense. Her name's not Urine Fun Gargle.

Thanks to my buddy Kevin, who tried to draw a similarity between talking to me and listening to something pee out of its mouth. Dammit Kevin I thought we were bros.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I feel bad for this guy, he's fugly and pisses out of his face, no comment on the doctors name however.

  • LittleBigFace

    Well, seeing as most turtles urinate out of their eyes anyway (turtle tears), I don't see much difference.

  • That's a nasty case of water sports.

  • Guest

    They do this to help them adapt to brackish waters...weird but true.

  • rikster81

    not the turtles i want to be ninjas!

  • ZomBBombeR

    The cartoon would not be the same.

  • LearnGeneralKnowledge

    i dont think it's focking funny to make fun of this poor guy's name just because it was spelled in an easier way for you western guys to read, after all that Shit thingie is due to Wade-Giles system. Go dig the grave and make fun/troll of the spelling-method inventor.

  • nickanderson1991

    Go back to Russia, commie.

  • bunch of grapes

    I'm from where she is and we laugh at it ourselves.
    and it's actually read as chew shit fun because the surname's suppose to be infront.

  • $18922249

    Ah yesssss... soft sherr tultre... pee out of mouth... velly lale... velly lale indeed... velly good for vilirity! NOM NOM NOM!

  • Dinosaur Rex

    Dude, that turtle has lips!

  • LearnGeneralKnowledge

    This kind of turtle is a very aggressive species, a.k.a. "Finger Smasher"

  • Dinosaur Rex

    Oh really? I don't remember asking that.

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