YESSSSS: Insane Jurassic Park Explorer Smoking Pipe

October 5, 2012


This is a $10,000 collaboration vapor pipe from glassblowers Adam Whobrey and ELBO. It looks like one of the Explorer SUV's from Jurassic Park. Smoke doesn't actually pass through the entire thing though, all the pipe parts are hidden in the bottom. Think of them as the engine and transmission -- they're the parts that get you where you want to be. "High?" AS A KITE, BROBRO. Now here's the plan: glue leaves to ourselves, climb a tree, wait for a brontosaurus to come by and start nibbling, THEN KISS IT.

HIt the jump for a ton more shots, including a hood that opens (where you attach the bowl) and removable light bar (where you attach the mouthpiece).










Thanks to hannah, who actually knows one of the folks who helped make the thing and can hopefully get me a good deal on a t-rex pipe. Fingers crossed you smoke out of its peen!

  • ZomBBombeR

    Ok it's nice but I'm not gonna pay $10,000 for something I use just to make it dirty so I get high, just so I can knock it over and break it in the near future.

  • AmselZephlyn

    Looks cool, but why's it $10,000? Even that water pipe roor made with the gold plating, diamond studs, and sterling silver pot leaves only sells for $4,000.

  • cabbo

    Best 'sexualization of dinosaurs' joke you've had so far, GW.

  • Patrick Caldwell

    All I can picture is Jeff Goldblum starring at this thing doing that weird stuttery handy facey thing.

  • I don't know Adam by the way, i was talking about 'Elbo Glass'. Oh well, It don't matter. Fucking love this thing though.

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