Yeah You Did: Photoshop Toolbar On Arm Tattoo

October 1, 2012


This is a picture of a lady that has a Photoshop toolbar tattooed on her arm. On top of some flowers. In black and gray with just a hint of blue (I'm stretching this out). She looks like a girl I used to know. OMG -- Sarah is that you?! "She can't hear you, GW." SARAAAAAAH! "You're yelling at a computer screen." I know, but sometimes when I do the person responds. "It's called Skype." Well excuse me, Mr. Technology! Show me how to do an email?

Thanks to Charley, who doesn't have any Photoshop related tattoos but does have a tramp stamp of the AOL Instant Messenger running man. Solid choice, brobro.

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