Wow: Drunk Man Finally Finds Car After Two Years

October 12, 2012


Picture kind of related: he may have gotten tickets.

In a story way better than the piece of shit movie with a similar premise, a German man who forgot where he parked his car in 2010 during a night of drunken revelry has just located his vehicle after almost two years of searching. No word if he's sober now, but I'm definitely not.

Authorities discovered it by chance last month after a traffic warden noticed that its inspection stickers had expired - 4 kilometres from the spot where the now 33-year-old craftsman originally thought he had parked.

"The weird thing is that it turned up so far away, although the owner was pretty sure of where he had left it," said police spokesman Alexander Lorenz.

In the trunk were 40,000 euros worth of tools including power drills and electric screwdrivers, Lorenz said

Whoa whoa whoa -- there were 40,000 euros (~$52,000) worth of tools in the trunk?! If that had been my car I would have definitely made a better effort to find it. You know, posted MISSING signs and stuff like that. Maybe offered a reward. "And not paid it?" *wink* Also, the authorities should probably go ahead and slap ol' Kraut von Boozenstein with a retroactive DUI.

Thanks to vince, who once got so drunk he forgot where he lived. Haha, WELCOME TO MY LIFE.

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