World's Strongest Beer Is 65% Alcohol (130-Proof)

October 29, 2012


Oh my God he drank himself stupid.

This is the Armageddon, the world's strongest beer. The world's strongest blogger? That would be not me. I haven't even been able to do a pull-up in like six years. I'm not super weak, I just have thirty extra pounds around the middle and not HANGING from the middle like I used to write in my personal ads. It's honestly 0% peen.

The world's strongest beer at 65%. Ingredients include crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats and of course 100% Scottish spring water. We then freeze ferment the beer to bring up the ABV. Consume this like a fine whisky.

Despite being 65%, the beer has a lot of flavour - malty, hoppy, slightly sweet and lots of yeast still in the beer. Be careful though, smelling it is probably enough to put you over the limit!

Unfortuantely, a 330ml (~11-ounce) bottle will set you back £40 (~$64), making it far more economical to get drunk on bottom-shelf whiskey, or gut-rot as I like to call it (I actually don't like calling it that because then I get mad at myself for drinking it). "You could always butt-chug a box of wine." Wow, so I've hit rock bottom -- is that what you're telling me?

Thanks to cancan, who drinks beers the old fashioned way: as chasers for tequila shots.

  • Janno Sinclair BuzzBazz

    I just drank 96% alcohol... How many proof is that? Oh yeah, I'm awesome :P

  • Randy

    It's PROOF you are dumb as a fucking rock!

  • Guest

    So just one stiff of this stuff is like drinking a FourLoko? Seems plausible...

  • $18922249

    The price is ridiculous. Everyone wants to think that they are Grey Goose when they are most likely Vladimir.

  • ddg12

    It costs that much because it's extremely labor and time intensive to brew, and costs a ton of money to make. They essentially start with 100 gallons and after freeze distillation, where they literally freeze the water out of the beer, they're left with just a fraction of the original volume. Every gallon lost is beer that can't be sold. When you're left with just 10 gallons, you have to make up for those 90 gallons lost in the price of the final product.

  • $18922249

    Cognac is made with a similar ratio, and they start with wine as the feedstock. You can get a killer bottle of Cognac in the region for quite a bit less than £10.

    Interesting idea and I would be glad to try it once. But, for the price it is tough to justify making it a go to drink of choice.

  • McNasty

    mmmmmmmm crystal malt.

  • Donnie Duncanson

    Ain't no thing - You do realise Scottish spring water is already 35% alcohol, right?

  • Melissa

    this booze needs more booze!!!

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