World's Strongest Beer Is 65% Alcohol (130-Proof)

October 29, 2012


Oh my God he drank himself stupid.

This is the Armageddon, the world's strongest beer. The world's strongest blogger? That would be not me. I haven't even been able to do a pull-up in like six years. I'm not super weak, I just have thirty extra pounds around the middle and not HANGING from the middle like I used to write in my personal ads. It's honestly 0% peen.

The world's strongest beer at 65%. Ingredients include crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats and of course 100% Scottish spring water. We then freeze ferment the beer to bring up the ABV. Consume this like a fine whisky.

Despite being 65%, the beer has a lot of flavour - malty, hoppy, slightly sweet and lots of yeast still in the beer. Be careful though, smelling it is probably enough to put you over the limit!

Unfortuantely, a 330ml (~11-ounce) bottle will set you back £40 (~$64), making it far more economical to get drunk on bottom-shelf whiskey, or gut-rot as I like to call it (I actually don't like calling it that because then I get mad at myself for drinking it). "You could always butt-chug a box of wine." Wow, so I've hit rock bottom -- is that what you're telling me?

Thanks to cancan, who drinks beers the old fashioned way: as chasers for tequila shots.

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