Women Don't Use The Bathroom!: Cafe In Austria Has A One-Way Mirror From Men's Room Into Women's Room

October 30, 2012


Because people are sick, Dots, an experimental sushi restaurant (WTF is an experimental sushi restaurant and does it involve mutants?) in Vienna, Austria has a one way mirror where men using the urinals can look into the sink area (not the actual stalls) of the women's room. When reached for comment, one recent visitor had this to say: "Holy shit, women wash their hands after using the restroom? Guys don't do that." I dunno, I don't even like the thought of women going to the restroom. No lie, one time in college I had a female roommate and I heard her fart when I walked past the bathroom door and I could never look at her the same again. I actually moved out in the middle of the night. I'm a delicate flower. "You're an @$$hole." I am both.

Artist Alexander Riegler explains to Radio Wien that his intention with the project is to explore the concept of voyeurism in modern times -- and a spokesperson for the restaurant claims that 95 percent of customers think the installation is funny.

That said, Vienna Chamber of Commerce chairman William Turecek tells the Kurier that he has received complaints and expressed surprise the restaurant hadn't already changed the mirror as he had instructed.

The restaurant intends to change the mirror's direction in January, so women will be able to look in on the urinals and see some dude playing with his peen and making funny faces in the mirror. Talk about dessert! Also, if the draw to your restaurant is a novelty bathroom I'm not sure I even want to eat there. Unless the mutant fish thing is real, in which case ONE TIME, but they better have Cthulhu rolls.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees nobody should ever watch somebody else go to the bathroom, not even during a drug test. Right?! Tell my parole officer that.

  • $14019757

    I'd like to see a really rough, leather-and-chains style gay bar that backs onto a straight bar, where gay men can watch the straight men in the bathroom through a one-way mirror.

  • daiya

    Wow some of the comments on this article are problematic.

  • Balin Lee

    There used to be the same thing at a night club in Sydney Australia. Again only the sink area was visible.

  • M'lady Batman

    Well that's disturbing...

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Does Chuck Berry own this place or something?

  • i would imagine that sink drainage and urinal drainage might be an issue with this setup.. Also, this restaurant will soon hold the record for 'Most Masterbated In Public Restroom". Jokes aside, i have to say that this is too far. its one thing to have the mirror face out into the bar so that guys pissing can see the others but there is no expectation of privacy in a bar. In a public or private bathroom there is absolutely an expectation of privacy and this violates that. What if a woman needed to change and locked the outer door to the bathroom before she did so? all the guys would get a peep show and she would be humiliated. humiliated but rich (after the subsequent lawsuit).

  • on

    first of all you can't lock the outer door and secondly this place is
    in Austria - not in the crazy USA where everyone can sue everyone and
    might get millions out of it - if you win a lawsuit her you get a *reasonable* amount of money ... and this whole thing here is just a gag - it's not the first restaurant in Austria I hear of where they trying something 'new'

    BTW there are also unisex toilets

  • GreyGanado

    You can't lock the outer door.

  • They might be only able to see you washing your hands but really...I think I'd have to hold it until I got home. I definitely would not want to go in there when they changed it around.

  • Kenlin Bros

    They should replace it with one so that women can wash their hands while watching men's faces at the urinals.

    Men wouldn't think it weird to have a mirror at the urinals, would they?

  • PDoe

    Actually, that is wierd.

  • the antagonist

    As a man, that would be awesome. I would be making the most outrageous O-faces at the mirror, knowing the ladies on the other side where getting a good laugh.

  • on

    I was there just a few weeks ago and I'd recommend it to everyone who generally likes sushi ... its a really beautiful restaurant with excellent food

  • on

    and of course the mirror thing made me lol ... sure thing I told my gf that she might be watched washing her hands by someone who just has his dong in his hands ;)

  • $14019757

    If you can't see what is wrong with your gf being watched by some bloke who has his dick in his hand there's no hope stop the planet I want to get off.

  • on

    I'm very used to the fact my gf gets watched everywhere she goes - one of the things a woman must life with if she's good looking ...

  • $14019757

    Just because being objectified and harassed is NORMAL doesn't mean it's RIGHT.

  • $14019757

    Should be fucking illegal. I feel sick.

  • the antagonist

    It's in poor taste, I agree. But illegal? To see ladies washing their hands or freshening makeup? Don't be such a prude.

    If people don't like such a place, they can simply choose not to go.

  • AmselZephlyn

    Here's a thought: If you're that disturbed by people seeing you wash your hands, DON'T EAT THERE. We don't need laws to tell us how to be reasonable consumers.

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