Women Don't Use The Bathroom!: Cafe In Austria Has A One-Way Mirror From Men's Room Into Women's Room

October 30, 2012


Because people are sick, Dots, an experimental sushi restaurant (WTF is an experimental sushi restaurant and does it involve mutants?) in Vienna, Austria has a one way mirror where men using the urinals can look into the sink area (not the actual stalls) of the women's room. When reached for comment, one recent visitor had this to say: "Holy shit, women wash their hands after using the restroom? Guys don't do that." I dunno, I don't even like the thought of women going to the restroom. No lie, one time in college I had a female roommate and I heard her fart when I walked past the bathroom door and I could never look at her the same again. I actually moved out in the middle of the night. I'm a delicate flower. "You're an @$$hole." I am both.

Artist Alexander Riegler explains to Radio Wien that his intention with the project is to explore the concept of voyeurism in modern times -- and a spokesperson for the restaurant claims that 95 percent of customers think the installation is funny.

That said, Vienna Chamber of Commerce chairman William Turecek tells the Kurier that he has received complaints and expressed surprise the restaurant hadn't already changed the mirror as he had instructed.

The restaurant intends to change the mirror's direction in January, so women will be able to look in on the urinals and see some dude playing with his peen and making funny faces in the mirror. Talk about dessert! Also, if the draw to your restaurant is a novelty bathroom I'm not sure I even want to eat there. Unless the mutant fish thing is real, in which case ONE TIME, but they better have Cthulhu rolls.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees nobody should ever watch somebody else go to the bathroom, not even during a drug test. Right?! Tell my parole officer that.

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